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Custom Command

Since Version: 9.0

You can add your own custom commands to PIPEFORCE in a few steps without a manual deployment required.

This can can be done by creating a Python function in the FaaS module.

Once this function has been auto-deployed, you can call it similar to a command from inside any pipeline or using the Command API.

The function name will become the command name and the parameters will become the arguments to the function. For example, lets assume a function like this:

def myfunction(text):
return "HELLO: " + text

And a pipeline which calls this function:

- myapp:myscript:myfunction:
text: "World!"

This example will execute the function myfunction(text) on the script myscript inside the app myapp. The result will then be returned to the pipeline body and can be processed by subsequent commands as usual. The final output of the pipeline in this example would be:

HELLO: World!

For more information about how to create functions and execute them, see Python Functions

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