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Since Version: 3.0

Inside a Pipeline Expression you can access a huge library of built-in PEL utils, which can additionaly simplify your integration and automation tasks. See the reference docs for a full list of all available utils. If you're missing a util there, please drop a note.


Such a util is always embedded inside a Pipeline Expression and has a structure like this:


Whereas you need to replace util by the util name, method by the method name you would like to call and args by the optional arguments to the method you would like to execute.

Examples for @date

Here is an example to return the current date using such a util without any argument:

And here a fully working example, embedded inside a Pipeline Expression:

- log:
message: "The current date is: #{}"

Examples for @list

cities: "Munich, Bratislava, New York"
- log:
message: "#{@list.size(vars.cities)}"



Examples for @text

- log:
message: "#{@text.lang('Hallo, Herr Meier!')}"




In case you're working with the Online Workbench you can get auto-completion of all Utils out-of-the-box:

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