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3. Connectors

Since Version: 1.0

What is a connector?

A connector is a component which connects to an external service via an API and can exechange data with such a service.

In PIPEFORCE, connectors are implemented using Commands. So, a Command can be in a role of a connector.

There are many such built-in connectors. Some examples:

  • http.* : This set of commands can connect to any HTTP/S endpoint.
  • sftp.* : This set of commands can connect to any SFTP endpoint.
  • iam.* : This set of commands can connect to the internal identity and access management system.
  • drive.*: This set of commands can connect to the internal data room.
  • microsoft.teams.send : This command can send messages to a teams channel.
  • And many more. See the commands reference for a list of all available commands.

HTTP/S connectors

The HTTP/S connectors can be used to connect to HTTP/S endpoints. For example if you would like to make RESTful calls.

Typically such endpoints are secured with username and password or a token. You should never place such sensitive data into your source code. Instead, create a new Secret and refer to it in your pipeline.

Here is an example to access the GitHub API using the command http.get and a custom secret, created before:

- http.get:
url: ""
credentials: "github-secret"

This will return a JSON document like this example, which can be used in the pipeline for further processing:

"total_count": 1,
"artifacts": [
"id": 11,
"node_id": "MDg6QXJ0bbZhY3QxMQ==",
"name": "Rails",
"size_in_bytes": 556,
"url": "",
"archive_download_url": "",
"expired": false,
"created_at": "2022-01-10T14:59:22Z",
"expires_at": "2022-03-21T14:59:22Z",
"updated_at": "2022-02-21T14:59:22Z",
"workflow_run": {
"id": 2332928,
"repository_id": 1296569,
"head_repository_id": 1296219,
"head_branch": "main",
"head_sha": "328faa0536e6fef19903d9d91dc96a9931694ce3"

SFTP Connectors

The SFTP connectors can be used to connect to a SFTP service.

Here is an example to use the sftp.list command in a pipeline:

- sftp.list:
host: "some.sftpserver.tld"
path: "/myfolder"
credentials: "sftp-secret"

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